Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bold Fashion Choices--Groovy Supergirl In The Early 1970s!

I really hope that the costume designers from the Supergirl show are tuning in here (yeah, fat chance)--because they have a lot to learn from what Kara wore in the 1970s!!

When Supergirl first got her own series, she wore the same costume she always had:

Oh, but watch out, Kara--groovy times are upon us:

Oh, dear...

You see, Supergirl was roughed up by a magical adversary, and more than her pride was damaged:

So she goes to de-Amazoned Diana Prince, and...

Well, that was indeed a groovy costume.

The problem was, the colorists kept forgetting the gloves!

It wasn't long until other reader suggestions and designs/variations crept in:

And even then they kept tinkering, as with the belt...

And then this happened...


Next, they debuted the costume she would wear for most of the rest of the decade:

But before they settled on that one, we had a few more variations to try. Like this:

Back to the more-or-less final version (note lack of yellow trim on the bottom of the shorts)...

But there was still a detour left before they finished:

Sleeveless with pirate boots?!? Sign me up!!

Of course, the insides of Supergirl comics featured even more wacky costumes, as reader submissions and insane artists ensured that Kara didn't stand still, fashion-wise.

But, man, they really let it all hang out on the covers!

So, Supergirl CBS, for season two you had best ramp up your costume game!!

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