Sunday, January 22, 2012

Batman's Greatest Case!

There's trouble afoot in Gotham City:

Uh...if the demand is greater than the supply, shouldn't they just, you know, print more? It's a good thing Bruce Wayne inherited his wealth...


From that little vignette we can draw three conclusions:

A) Someone at DC thought it was important to insert editor Carol Fein (in a fairly stiff pose), and mention her by name, into this ad. She was hardly a "celebrity," and it's odd to think that mentioning a particular DC staffer would generate more subscription sales. Curious, to say the least.

B) Uh, Batman, while you drove to New York City, the Joker killed 6 people, Two-Face escaped and kidnapped Gotham's "Twin Towers," and Catwoman stole a huge diamond from the museum. This "case" could have been "solved" by a simple telephone need for a road trip.

Which leads to the inevitable C) Batman is TOTALLY hitting on Carol Fein.

For reference, here is the coupon listing the titles one could subscribe to:

Except for the block of horror anthology titles, not really all that different a line-up from the "New" 52. The more things change...

Ad from Adventure Comics #482 (1981)

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Al Ewing said...

How can Batman waste his time on this nonsense when FRUIT PIE THEFT IS OCCURRING AS WE SPEAK