Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Night Fights--Betty Birdface Style!!

No time for fightin'--too much lovin' to do. So, with a minimum of commentary, here's the special Friday the 13th/Valentine's Day Friday Night Fights!!

As all good fights between lovers must, this one starts with a naked Betty Ross (unfortunately, not the Liv Tyler version):

As if we didn't already know, MODOK is da pimp:


Which leads to the lovers' reunion:

Watch out, world--the Hulk's about to use strategery!!

And what fight between lovers doesn't end in a pulsing paroxysm?? (Steve, I think the word you meant to use was--oh, never mind).

Now, it's Betty's turn for strategery!!

Now THAT is a love tap!!

Of course, Spacebooger can be both a lover AND a fighter...

Hulk vs. Harpy was brought to us by Englehart and Trimpe in Incredible Hulk #168 (1973)

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