Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Best Cover You've Never Seen--DC Superstars #15 (1977

A tale so big, a regular war comic couldn't hold it:

Yes, seeing Joe Kubert draw the living hell out of Sgt. Rock and the Unknown Soldier disguised as Sgt. Rock fighting over Mlle. Marie while Nazi missiles stand erect in the background just might be the most Freudian thing you've seen all week.

The cover blurb's a total lie, though--neither one wants to kill Marie. Rather, she desperately wants to kill the Unknown Soldier, because he had deliberately sacrificed the lives of her fellow French freedom fighters in order to preserve his own mission. Nice guy.


"Battle Doll of the French Underground"?!?!

Keep heapin' those corpses high, Bob Kanigher. Keep heapin' 'em high.

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