Sunday, December 3, 2017

Ben Grimm, Pool Hustler!!

The Fantastic Four are trapped in the Negative Zone, because it's Tuesday.

Reed is scouting ahead near the "annihilation zone," trying to figure out what happened to their access tunnel to the Baxter Building.


Don't worry, Ben Grimm is up to the task!


Let this be a reminder that many writers seem to need--Ben Grimm isn't stupid. He's a flipping astronaut, and can calculate a 10-collision shot faster than Amadeus Cho without having to stop and brag that's he's the "Xth smartest person on Earth."

I'm just sayin'.

From Fantastic Four #256 (1983)

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Warren JB said...

Vintage Ben Grimm awesomeness and a swipe at Amadeus Cho. Best blog post on the internet this month?