Sunday, December 19, 2010

Great Moments In Hal Jordan Beatdowns

Hmmm...I've been kind of ignoring DC this month. Not intentional, I assure you. Just a whole lotta Marvel stuff on the radar recently. And Doom, you know?

So we'll fix that this week.

Where to start? How about Green Lantern, in disguise, on a bicycle, trying to sneak through "Checkpoint Mike" into "The People's Republic"?

Look, it's Bob Haney--just roll with it, guys.

Anyway, the People's Republic was expecting him, and...

It's too bad, because Hal Jordan beatdowns are always fun...but in this case it was totally unnecessary, because:

Really and truly!! Not a tricky plot at all!! And while we're getting multi-lingual:

Anybody out there able to read this particular Asian language care to tell me what that says? Or is Haney just winging it here??

Well, there's only one same response for the U.S. government to this turn of events:

Uh, Batman goes to Washington D.C. to get secret government assignments. Meanwhile, people are dying in Gotham while Batman plays international spy. Because it's Bob Haney, International Man Of Mystery!

Of course, Batman gets "captured", which leads to:

No wonder Batman agreed to go on this mission!!

Don't worry--this story is just starting. Seriously, we're only up to page 6!! More later this week!!

Hal gets the crap kicked out of him several times in The Brave And The Bold #134 (1977)

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Siskoid said...

The script is Chinese for sure, but I can't read it. That is an awesome start to a story. They should have called it Red Lantern.