Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Night Fights--Korge Style!!

Since there's nothing I love better than seeing the Satellite Era Justice League get their butts whooped, that seems an appropriate place for the next stop on Friday Night Fights--Villains Victorious!!

It starts with J'onn J'onzz trying to colonize a "new planet" with the last survivors of Mars. Unfortunately, the new planet contains a very old menace--


Now, obviously, no Martian can go anywhere without being reminded of their silly weakness. And so Korge breaks out the flames.

Kicked the Martian Manhunter's butt? Check.

J'onn runs to Earth for some JLA help. And, as always, the JLA eschew any teamwork for the first part of the story, and the Flash leaps into solo action:

Kicked Flash's butt? Check.

Next up, Green Lantern. Hal feels guilty for just standing around watching while Barry Allen got served, so he tries...

Kicked Green Lantern's butt? Check.

Well, enough is enough, and Superman decides to end this with a show of brute force:

Kicked Superman's butt? Check.

That's a pretty good days work. Of course, (SPOILER ALERT) Korge's victory is short-lived as the Atom has the stupidest idea ever, and somehow it works, and they defeat the God of Rage (although they never explain what they do with him afterward...).

Korge may be God of Rage, but he's no God Of War...Spacebooger (playing as Kratos) could whoop the heck out of him.

Denny O'Neil, Dick Dillin and Dick Giordano should be ashamed of the cheap (repeat!!) gimmick they used to have the JLA triumph in Justice League Of America #115 (1975).

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Erich said...

I like KORGE'S! Odd speech PATTERN! I must EMPHASIZE! Every third WORD!