Thursday, January 8, 2009

Early Front-Runner For Stupidest Comment Of 2009

If you wondered why Vertigo won't let mainstream DC touch Swamp Thing, here's a pretty good snapshot of the reason:

Dan DiDio: Well let’s use Solomon Grundy as an example. Solomon Grundy – a mindless brute, a dangerous character. We didn’t really have that type of character inhabiting any of our series right now, so we thought it would be interesting to bring Solomon Grundy to the forefront and see if he can fill that role in our storytelling. People will ask, “Where’s Swamp Thing in the DCU?” and one of the things that we thought we could do with Solomon Grundy that can be interesting, that can be part of the DCU, and maybe fill that need that people are looking for in a more brute-like character such as Swamp Thing. I’m not saying, mind you, that Solomon Grundy will be like Swamp Thing in this miniseries, but that he’s a type of character that’s similar to Swamp Thing.

From an interview at Newsarama today...emphasis added. Idiocy, however, is exactly as it was in the original.

Mindless brute=Swamp Thing. Oh, Dan, with your deep understanding of the characters, it's shocking--simply shocking--that Vertigo won't let you play in their toybox.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Len Wein, Berni Wrightson, Alan Moore, Steve Bissette, John Totelben, Rick Veitch, and Karen Berger need to get together with Didio and host an intervention... and an ass-kicking.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a few scans of the comic, and the poster made the point that it seems closer to a mystical twist on the Hulk, not Swamp Thing (what little I know of Swamp Thing, which would be the TV and movie versions--yes, even the Captain Planet knockoff version).

Anonymous said...

DiDio's comment is beyond ridiculous, and shows NO understanding of Swamp Thing's character whatsoever. There's nothing brutish or remotely Solomon Grundy-like about him. He's a pensive, thoughtful, compassionate character who hates violence--in other words, he's the exact opposite of Solomon Grundy. Why the heck does DiDio continue to have a job running DC Comics if he has no idea what his titles are about?