Friday, September 22, 2017

The Fab 4, The Mod, And His Bird!

You all know how much I love faux rock bands in comic books. And I especially love them when the comic creators try oh so hard to get hip and cool.

It's 1967, and Dell is making their brief (and futile) attempt to capitalize on the super-hero market. Four teenage heroes, known as the Fab Four, are going to investigate some shenanigans at a rock concert:

Yes, it is Mr. Mod and his Bird!!

Well, that's an evil plan!

And so...

Yes, we all want Mod!!


And lest you think that's not a real song...

It's by Bo Bylan, who no doubt is the voice of his generation.!

The song has the desired effect--even on our heroes:

And apparently, the "foreign ministers conference" is a conference of foreign ministers from 1893:


SPOILER ALERT: The Fab Four break free of the spell and save the day. Mr. Mod and his Bird are captured. The conference of foreign ministers approved the Treaty Of The Durand Line. Their comic is promptly cancelled. Dell never tried the heady mix of trendy super-heroes and modern music again.

From Superheroes #4 (1967)

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top_cat_james said...

Thrill, thrill, thrill!
Kill, kill, kill!
Make the scene,
Knock off the dean!