Monday, September 15, 2014

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Yogi Bear Goes To The United Nations!!!

This explains so much that is wrong with the world today:

You see, Yogi has found an old treaty (stuffed in a tree!!) between the U.S. government and a Native American tribe that ceded all the land of Jellystone to..."their sacred totem animals--the bears!!"

So, obviously, it's time for one of those break-away independence movements to get uppity:

Well, Ranger Smith is none too pleased, wishing to maintain rigid control over the local ethnic minority...but he accidentally inspires Yogi!

Oh, dear.

So Yogi (and Ranger Smith) take off for New York to argue their case before the United Nations!!

Meanwhile, bears get word of the new promised land, and begin to flood in Jellystone!

Well, Yogi loses his case in front of the General Assembly--it's turns out that the treaty Yogi found was one that had been superseded by a subsequent pact--and the Ranger once again begins to assert his white male dominance over the peaceful natives:

Ah, but Yogi has one more U.N.-related card up his sleeve:

So the U.N. Human Rights Commission sends a fact finding team, and...

And so...

And thus the one-world-government socialists have corrupted even Yogi Bear in their desire to disseminate their propaganda to children. And the world has been a hellhole ever since.

From Four Color # 1349 (1962)

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