Saturday, September 7, 2013

True Crime Facts (Except For The True Part)(And The Fact Part):

Nothing is more fun than the all-true, guaranteed to be correct information features on the inside covers of crime comics.

Take for example, Lawbreakers #2 (1951), which tells us:

I am absolutely 100% certain that this was real, and train stations from the first half of the twentieth century were filled with people walking around like that...

Or what about Lawbreakers #4 (1951), which touts a "Science Vs. Crime" piece (right above an ad for a "guaranteed" pimple cure, so you know that we're deep in the realm of science) :

Obviously true, as today every police station has such mood lighting to nudge along confessions. Right? Right? (But no one tell Geoff Johns that green=guilty...the poor guy still thinks it means willpower...)

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