Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Superman 2020--Death Of A Used Car Salesman

Today, of course, we're mourning the fact that we will never experience the world of Superman 2020.

We've already discussed the loss of future-slang. So of course the story keeps taunting us:

Domicile Qube? Vexor Air Car? Damn you, Flushpoint, for robbing us of this future!!

But the third--and most important--reason to be upset about the loss of the 1980s version of 2020 is: there will be no more used car salesman:

So, wait--even after the owner is gone, the bio-rhythm attunement means no else can possibly use it? You can't trade it in for a newer air car, or sell it cheap as a clunker to the neighborhood kid who's always bugging you? So if Gran Torino took place in this 2020, the kid couldn't use Clint Eastwood's car after he died?

And apparently, the whole industry of used cars (sorry, pre-owned vehicles) is gone? Has Detroit (or Tokyo, or wherever is the home of the air-car industry in 2020) found a way to force all consumers to only buy their new vehicles?!? Hopefully, the music and comic book industry haven't found a way to latch on to this technology...or it's no more quarter bins or used CDs!!

But wait...why won't young Kalel Kent be needing his Vexor? "Here goes" what??

Stay tuned!!

From Superman #354 (1980)

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