Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5 Fun Facts About Doctor Mid-Nite

#1--Doctor Mid-Nite was pretty buff:

(Sub-fact: 1940's criminals could tell your measurements just by looking at you)

#2--Charles McNider had some odd personal habits:

(Sub-fact: Charles McNider had surprisingly little sense of privacy or shame)

#3--Despite his uncanny vision, Doctor Mid-Nite apparently had crappy reflexes:

Unable to dodge a gun thrown at him from 20 feet away?

(Sub-fact: Doctor Mid-Nite is terribly unclear on the concept of pretending to not be able to see in order to preserve his secret identity)

#4--Doctor Mid-Nite is a master of ventriloquism and puppetry:

(Sub-fact: 1940s criminals were terribly, terribly stupid)

#5--Charles McNider is a master of hypnotism:

(Sub-fact: again, 1940s criminals are stupider than Jupiter)

BONUS FACT: If you throw poker chips at a criminal, they go completely blind:

(Sub-fact: The noise from sweeping stacks of poker chips off of a counter is "BRROOMM," and of course that bears NO relation whatsoever to the fact that the story was written by John Broome)

From All-American Comics # 88 (1947), as reprinted in 100-Page Super Spectacular #20 (1973)


Siskoid said...

Before this, the only Fun Fact I knew about Dr. Mid-Nite was his tenuous grasp on proper spelling.

snell said...

Picking on a blind man's spelling? That's cold, bro...

Siskoid said...

He wasn't born blind!

snell said...

No, but he did take a hand grenade to the face--that had to have damaged the spelling lobe of his brain!

Mark Engblom said...

Okay, hiring a blind lawyer (Matt Murdock): plausible.

But going to a blind doctor? Who the hell are McNider's patients?

snell said...

A) This particular story said that now he was a writer of detective stories...I'm not sure if this was consistent canon (Golden Age, you know), but I imagine he mostly retired from medicine, but was available for consults (with everyone amazed how well the "blind" doctor was able to do)

B) Of course, he could still be a doctor to the super-hero community (at least those who knew his secret ID)...