Monday, August 14, 2017

Manic Bat-Monday The Final Frontier--Nothing Is More Important Than Education, Old Chum!!

Two-Face has stolen an atom bomb (!) and is holding a joint session of Congress hostage for two billion dollars!!

Now, you'd think that was a pretty danged important crisis.

But despite the Dynamic Duo just having escaped from Harvey Dent's death-trap, Dick has other priorities:

Umm, OK, Robin. Preventing the whole of the Senate and the House of Representatives from being vaporized obviously takes a back seat to not missing Biology 135.

Then again, he might be right...

Still, come on, Dick--it's OK to cut class once in awhile if you're a hero.

From Batman #258 (1974)


  1. So Two-Face was going to detonate the nuke (we know it's a nuke because of the old-timey atom symbols all over it!) from inside the same room? Please tell me that Bats figured out it was a bluff, Snell.

  2. Wow, okay. Thanks for that. It really drives home what a dick Dick was being.