Saturday, June 29, 2013

That's Not How These Things Works

Man, I need a new toy...

A space helmet?? Nifty!!

Well, I intend to!

I should hope so, for $1.98!

OK, now I'm beginning to worry that you're overselling it... for me and me alone? Envied by everyone? All right, bring it on!

Uhhh....that's not how things actually work...unless you're a cat, and think no one can see you "hiding" in that box or paper bag.

I mean...we can still see you, kid. Not your face, sure...but you're not invisible, just annoying.

I want my money back.

From Daredevil #112 (1954)


SallyP said...

That's it? I thought it would look like Adam Strange's or something! With fins!


Martin Gray said...

The sleekest thing I have ever seen.