Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Day The Music KILLED!!

What threat does Earth face today?

 No, it's not the lambada.

Rocket Kelly, gal pal Diana and mechanic/comedy relief Punchy witness a rocket crash on Earth!

But after the rescue:

He can't stop dancing!

The Minstrel Of Death?!?!

Well, it's time to go to Turo to check it out, which involves flying through some particularly hazardous space:

Folks, that's what we call foreshadowing!

And what do they find on Turo?

It's like they're refugees from Fantasia!

Now--everyone talk like William Shatner!

And here's the big bad!


Rocket and Diana succumb...but what about Punchy?

But once the aliens leave for Earth...

Ahh, see, there is an advantage to being tone deaf!

Fancy flying means the entire enemy fleet crashes into a "magnetic mass":

But what of Earth?

The future--spontaneous dance contests on spaceport landing fields!!

Keep dancin', kids!!

From Rocket Kelly #4 (1946)

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