Thursday, August 16, 2018

Fake News Originated On World 86 Of Existence Level 24 Of The Cosmos!!

Along time ago, in a galaxy far, far away:

OK, on a "level of existence of the cosmos" far, far away...

By the way, who the hell names a planet Gobdor?!?

Anyway, Gobdor has a really, really unique idea of entertainment:

Someone stayed up all night coming up with "tel-vis" as a creative name for an extra-dimensional version of television.

Apparently, they don't have PBS or BBCAmerica on Gobdor.

But there is panic at the studio:

Guys, guys, guys...can't you just do a "Shark Week" or something? I mean, given the unending stream of nature documentaries, you might want to examine you idea of 'nothing" happening. There's always something going on!!

Or you could, you know, just run a bunch of NCIS re-runs. Don't Gobdorians understand binging?!?

Fortunately, Dro Dorno has an idea!

Ladies and gentleman: Gobdor just invented scripted reality TV!!

Still, it'd probably be easier to just fill the airwaves with Law & Order episodes...

From Flash #132 (1962)

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