Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Time We Evacuated The Western Hemisphere But Still Beat Both The Commies And The Aliens!!

Look, if you're going to draw interplanetary war in a comic book...

...this is how you do it!!

The art, by the way, is by Tony Mortellaro.

We're in the far-flung future of 1993, and the Clinton Administration has taken a very odd turn:

The world has divided into two camps, the free and democratic western hemisphere, and the evil, repressive eastern hemisphere.

Fearing an imminent attack from the east, the entire western hemisphere has been evacuated to the moon. No, really.

But meanwhile, in the east...

But we know it's not the west...they're all going to the moon!! So who's attacking?

Well, it turns out that nasty aliens have chosen just that moment to attack!! And so...

Pew!! Pew pew!! Pew!!

The east, being evil, doesn't stand a chance against the conquerors...

But the west has been watching, and they launch a surprise counter-attack!!


Quite comfortably, indeed!!

But as the five years ends, the aliens take a nasty revenge--

--blowing up the freakin' moon!!

But guess what? Smart humans knew that attack was coming, and actually went to hide elsewhere in the solar system!

But there is an unexpected benefit to blowing up the moon:

So, no more commies east bloc, and a shiny new city to live in. Well, for some of you to live in--I doubt you're getting more than a few million into Atlantis. And it's probably more moldy and slimy and wet than shiny and new.

Still...WE WIN!!! Sort of. By some ways of reckoning. USA!! WESTERN HEMISPHERE!!!

From Weird Tales Of The Future #4 (1952)

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