Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Giant DC Comics Slogan Contest!!

It's 1956, so it's time for...

Tell us more...

Of special note:

You have to mutilate *5* different comic book to enter--FIVE!!

In fairness, the other side of the coupon was just a text piece that nobody ever read. But still--5 mutilated comics books.

But hey, it is "definitely possible" to win more than one prize, so please, deface 10 comics! 15! 20!! There's no limit!!

As to the slogan itself...?

Wow. If those are the best example you can come up with, no wonder you need to outsource your sloganeering to children!

It is interesting, because this ad appeared in October 1956 comics, which means it was exact the same  month as Barry Allen's debut. Most of DC's Silver Age had debuted yet, which limits a lot of your slogan possibilities.

And only 15 words? How can you come up with something better than "DC Comics are Decent Comics"?!?

And our prizes?

So, wait: there are 200 Third Prizes for boys, and only 120 Third Prizes for girls? That is some serious bullshit there, DC. Maybe the slogan should have been "DC COMICS--Mostly for boys!"

Anyway, you guys work on your own slogans for DC--15 words or less! No prizes, but eternal fame awaits!!

From Detective Comics #236 (1956)


Billy Hogan said...

Does anyone know what the winning slogan was? I've never been able to find out what it was. Or was it just a marketing ploy to get kids to buy more DC Comic books?

snell said...

The winning slogan (in the comments) and partial list of the winners.

George Chambers said...

"DC - We Make Life Hell for Comics Collectors!"

Fred W. Hill said...

Did Stan Lee sneak in the suggested slogan, "To hell with Decent Comics, Make Mine Marvel!"? Well, ok, Marvel was still Atlas at the time and if anyone had told the top dogs at DC that in another 20 years a re-named Atlas would be beating DC in sales, they would have laughed their behinds off.