Monday, February 19, 2018

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--The Many Tears Of Miss Jane Peters!

Big discovery day at Unnamed University!!

I'd pretend to be mature by not making a joke about "that small speck near Uranus," but honesty compels me to admit that I already made the joke via Twitter yesterday. Hey, I'm not made of stone!

Anyway, Miss Peters is kind of sad that Professor Masters is more concerned with planets than current events:

Gotta love that single tear running down her cheek.

Later, after a close encounter with an atom smasher turns him into the American Crusader and he save the U.S. from a coup by an evil senator who wants to become dictator (reminder--the Golden Age laughs at the concept of decompression!!)...

Damn, again with the single tear!! Jane is really upset that Archie is ignoring the state of the world!!

Or maybe she spent some time in prison, and it's just a tattoo...Good on you, Archie, for hiring ex-cons!

From Thrilling Comics #19 (1941)

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