Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Floating Heads--OK, Axis, Here We Come!!

You know what we haven't done for awhile? Floating Heads!!

This time out--The Invaders!!

All right, 2 demerits for just plugging the generic John Romita Cap head there...and the generic Torch head. At least Subby is reacting to the scene!


Frank Robbins floating heads? BONUS!!

SPOILER ALERT: Namor wasn't doomed.

I probably shouldn't count this because of the hands...but we have so few floating heads covers. I'll let it slide.

And then we jump nearly 4 decades ahead...

Man, All-New Invaders was such a good series...

NEXT: We'll hop over to DC!


Martin Gray said...

I do love floating heads, almost as much as white borders. The message here seems to be that Roy Thomas split his team up far too often.

Warren JB said...
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Warren JB said...

I... I think there may be perspective issues with that first cover.

At least I hope there are.