Saturday, February 17, 2018

Atom's Awkward Moment!

Hawkman and Hawkgirl are out doing good deeds...

...when they get a surprise visitor!

Why is Atom there? He has an offer!!

But only for Hawkman!?!

Oh, Atom. Perhaps you could have chosen a better time and place than in the middle of a public event to humiliate Shayera like that? You're lucky she was so gracious about it.

And yes, while there was indeed such a JLA by-law in those days, I think we can all pretty much hear a "but we already have 1 girl" hidden in Ray Palmer's "er," right?

From Justice League Of America #31 (1964)


George Chambers said...

Hawkman should have said "both of us, or none." Not only are they a married couple, but they're cops. Would you take Starsky without Hutch? Or Riggs without Murtaugh?

Warren JB said...

Be fair, Snell. Maybe they already had a secretary...