Friday, January 12, 2018

All Of This Has happened Before, And All of This Will Happen Again!

A new magician is taking the country by storm!!

Well, what's next for the great Zemu?


This all feels familiar, somehow...

But there's more to Zemu than meets the eye:


By the way...what the hell?

See, all of his magic was just advanced Saturnian science!!

Fortunately, Doctor Droom (later retconned into Dr. Druid, for reasons I never understood...) is on the case:

Earth is saved!! Well, at least one state in the US. of A. is saved (California, right? It had to be California!)!

But then we get the moral/info dump:

See, this is why the Droom/Druid thing never made a lot of sense. Droom explicitly rejected magic. Meanwhile, Druid, by his very name, was all about the magic. Sure, he still had the mental abilities, but they were "activated" for him by the Ancient One, and he used "Druid magic rituals," and summoned Celtic gods, and used relics created by Agamotto. Droom was Scully, Druid was Mulder.

Anyway, always check to see if the politician making fantastical promises is really from Saturn, is all I'm saying.

From Amazing Adventures #3 (1961)


Anthony said...

That's a lot of stuff going on...

I assume Droom became Druid to avoid confusion with the more popular/villainous Doom.

Did these Saturnians ever appear again? ("Yes, Reed, Saturn has no surface, I know...")

Still, an invasion plan of just one state?! Hopefully it wasn't Indiana or Rhode Island or something...

snell said...

Yes, they changed his name to avoid confusion with Doom, although that hardly seemed to be a pressing issue in a horror reprint series.