Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Your Tax Dollars At Work--That's A Lot Of Names!!

This sounds like the set-up for a heist/con movie...

I mean, who wouldn't break into the Social Security Administration just to steal Bob Dylan's autograph?!?


...I would certainly hope they're well past the microfilm stage by now. Maybe Windows 3.1?

And, yes, that's an awful lot of names.

I suspect that the percentage of people give their Social Security number from memory is a lot higher than this comic would wish.

"Changed your name for some other reason..." See, I told you it was some kind of scam movie. Danny Ocean has to break into the old SS microfilm room to replace Bob Dylan's SS-5 with one signed as Robert Zimmerman, because...[Editor's note: snell is not allowed to plot movies]

Thank you, Social Security Administration!!

From The Future Is Now (1969)

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