Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Putting The Aggressive In Passive-Aggressive!!

There are some relationships that we should have been able to tell were doomed from Day 1.

Janet Van Dyne is late for a date with Hank. The Wasp is pursuing a thief who has robbed a jewelry store, and is trying to hide his loot in an abandoned sewer line.

Now, this is before Henry Pym developed her mechanical stingers, so Janet didn't really have a way t stop the guy. So she uses her moxie and gumption to come up with a fairly clever plan!

Whaddya know? It worked!! Good job, Jan.

You'd think her boyfriend/mentor would be pleased, but...

Holy. Shit.

Reminder--Hank fell in love with Jan because she resembled his dead wife (hi, Scott Summers!). And Jan tricked Hank into marrying her while he was having a mental breakdown and didn't even realize he was Hank Pym.

Healthy couple, am I right? Who could ever have foreseen trouble in paradise?!?

From Tales To Astonish #57 (1964)


George Chambers said...

It always astonished me that a married man wrote so much misogynistic crap. And it wasn't just Hank and Jan. Reed treated Sue just as badly.

SallyP said...

Yeah... reading these old books is just... painful sometimes.

Comicsfan said...

It's also more than a little disturbing that even her fellow heroes think that the Invisible Girl would need backup to nail a jewel thief!