Monday, August 21, 2017

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Goodbye, City Life?!?

Look, I know all about the needs of corporate advertising tie-ins, marketing television shows, yada yada.

And I especially know and accept that these cross-media affairs are by no means canonical, and certainly are not required to 100% accurately reflect the "true" nature of the characters being borrowed.

Still, this ad has been on the back covers of Marvel titles this month:

Well, I don't doubt that Luke Cage would enjoy a tiny bit of the dude ranch life.

And really, the ad is worth it just to see Daredevil in dungarees.

I'm not sure why Iron Fist is running around in what my non-comic friend likes to call his "gay pirate" costume. But the cowboy boots are a nice touch, and hey, billionaires can wear what they want, right?

But really, in a million years you could never convince me that...

...ANY icarnaton of Jessica Jones would EVER look so overjoyed to be hanging out at a ranch, let alone let herself get dolled up like that.

Just sayin'...


CalvinPitt said...

That was my thinking, too. Jessica Jones doesn't strike me as interested in horses, or the outdoors, or boots color-coordinated to her old superhero outfit.

On the other hand, I'm sure they have some potent alcohol available at the ranch, so maybe she's been hitting the 'shine?

SallyP said...

I actually preferred the ad for the same company, but with Loki, the Enchantress and Skurge, drinking mai tais and wearing bikinis.